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You want to be covered by home daycare liability insurance for many reasons, the primary one being in case any of the children in your care gets hurt. From falling over in the playroom to eating berries in your garden, small children are endlessly inventive at finding creative ways to get hurt. Fights over toys can break out in a millisecond. No matter how careful you are, you know that it’s close to impossible to stop small children from getting hurt sometimes.

People are always quick to sue if they’re not happy with a service, and that’s a far more true for parents. It’s not always because their child gets hurt – parents can be up in arms because they think you’re favoring your own child or that it’s your fault that their child isn’t developing as fast as they should be. Professional Liability protects you from litigious parents too.

One particularly relevant issue today is the risk of an accusation of child sexual or physical abuse from one of your employees or someone who is present at your daycare. Insurance coverage for abuse allegations is usually included in your professional daycare liability insurance, but if it’s not you can buy it separately.

Of course, no matter how much you prepare there’ll always be the unexpected. Three daycare centers in Florida discovered this in 1989 when the Walt Disney Corporation threatened to sue them for three life-size Disney murals that were painted on the walls. You can never predict why in-home daycare insurance will matter to you, but you certainly will want to have it when you need it.

Accidents Happen

As much as you try to prevent it, accidents do happen and the fact that you run a daycare doesn’t make you the exception.

Here are some scenarios you can imagine where in-home daycare liability insurance would protect you:

  • A child slips and falls on the stairs and breaks her wrist
  • One child scratches another one across the face, damaging his eye
  • A baby chokes on a small piece of food while your back is turned
  • A toddler climbs onto your couch and pulls a picture off the wall, smashing the glass and cutting her hand
  • A boy falls off the jungle gym, bumping his head hard enough to get concussion
  • A child paints on your wall

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